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conference from the rose gordon -- rose garden. you can watch that at russia will dominate their discussion. for more on that, we are back with mohamed el-erian and phil mattingly. has the crisis in ukraine helped heal a rift between the president and angela merkel? >> i think it has. administration officials feel repair thelped initial committee cases between the officials. since the ukraine crisis started in late february, the president angela merkel have spoken eight times by phone. they been closely aligned with every move on the sanctions side. g issue remains important to the germans. it will come up again. on ukraine, communications are on a good level. both recognize they cannot move forward on ukraine without the other. >> mohamed, you questioned recently where is the rule of law global politics. >> for good news is ukraine is bringing the west closer together. the bad news is it is a major test for the rule of law. days, the geneva agreements are dead. mr. putin continues to make requests on ukraine that are unrealistic. conditions on the ground in eastern ukraine
about russia as well. president obama, of course, has been talking and he's got angela merkel a washington trying to figure out how to impose steeper sanctions on ukraine and russia. he has asked that u.s. ceo's not attend the st. petersburg former -- form. say she will attend anyway? >> i asked executives and she said indra nooyi's schedule is in flux. she is on the schedule to attend but they said no schedule has been finalized, that it is still in flux at this moment. olivia, thank you so much for covering for me there at new york headquarters. but does it for today in the program but our insight pepsico special continues all day long, including an in-depth look at the company's associate media strategy and the high-tech bush to connect to a new generation of younger consumers ♪. >> it is 56 past the hour, meaning bloomberg television is on the market. i'm julie hyman. let's look at the big stock stories we have been watching, to see how the stocks are moving. ford, the company officially announcing this morning that mark fields will take over from alan mulally when he re
and -- violence. it looks like google chairman eric schmidt was right. he won last year that russia was on the path toward china's model of internet censorship. lastly, the russian premises and said the government needs to propose greater control over the world wide web, the web of agencies. the euro rose against the dollar this morning over speculation stimulustrained from netsuite even as data showed inflation in the region is less than what economists forecast. the finance minister said today he does not foresee a strong appreciation but would welcome a softer level for the common currency. he told francine the clock today that there is good reason to think there will be surprise for gdp, on target to achieve a tenths of one percent growth this year. >> i hope we could do better. though i cannot say that more explicitly, i think there are good reasons to think we will have an upside surprise. qwest in another global story, media -- the air lander with a top speed of 100 miles an hour and can carry and operate in the most extreme weather conditions. $350 to army spent develop the
. earnings from mark hoping to risk-off mindset coming out of the russia and ukraine conflict. the job number on friday. traders are not taking on a lot of positions ahead of those key economic point. we're back with my guest host for the hour, gregory rayborn of kobi partners. we are talking tech. i am curious what you make of amazon. there strategy to diversify into so many products is nothing new, but all of a sudden investors seem to care. >> i am wondering what was the catalyst. there is a rotation going on. you can see the rotation from a lot of the tech stocks. we are getting a price valuation for growth. i think this is certainly the first time in amazon history that people started to thinkolate forward and are we going to see this quarter 10 years from now, five years from now. is all we are building a huge platform with massive volume that does not make any money? >> are we looking at value versus growth now? >> absolutely. i think there is a huge move -- move towards that. i am not a big fan of balance sheets or was it three. -- wizardry. >> last year it was all about samsung beati
and the pharmaceutical industry. pfizer offers to buy astrazeneca. more sanctions against russia are on the way. sanctions will target people and businesses close to russian president vladimir putin. imlet met with the french president. more on ge's battle, i want to get the latest from hans nichols in berlin. fill us in. where do we stand? >> this is according to a person familiar to the metal -- matter -- the french government will be neutral. turnaround from the weekend. over the weekend, the french government indicated that they wanted there to be a potential other suitor, siemens. they wanted to do an asset swap. they wanted to have two in but it looks like ge is back in the game. ballgame, a neutral if the french government does not try to put its thumb on it, it looks like it will go in ge's direction because that is what the board wants. ge has done their due diligence. we have to decide by wednesday. >> what my be the difference in price? we don't quite know. that is a good question. offeredmens, they just a letter intent that says they will match or exceed any offer that is
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5